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Achieve your digital ambitions without compromising on performance, information security and push fraud

Digital transformation for your business with Bankableapi

We take trust and integrity to a whole new level.

Reduce operational costs, expand their customer base, meet market demands and grow their revenue

Everyone wants easier ways to connect

We invent them.

Accelerate the development of APIs by reducing the need to build costly custom designed systems in-house

Open Banking use cases for banking industry

Lowest Hanging Fruits & Quick Wins for Banks

Lower barriers, quicker on-boarding

  • Verify accounts for payments

  • Check balances to avoid payment failures

  • Confirm bank account ownership to minimize fraud

  • Verify accounts to underwrite risk for loans or automatically pay bills

  • Account-to-account (A2A) payments have lower fees than card payments which can improve profit margins

  • Use linked bank accounts to streamline direct debit payments for businesses, which boosts conversions and reduce payout failures

Financial-grade API Security

Financial-grade API is an industry-led specification of JSON data schemas, security and privacy protocols

Take next major leap of the API economy, adapt & deploy faster

Strong Customer Authentication

OAuth v2.0 & Open ID Connect ready

mTLS, HTTPS & tokenized data exchange

Farewell to legacy

By-pass legacy & spaghetti systems and become open API compliant quickly

Build apps faster

Build friction-less, real-time, and personalized products through single integration point

Make informed decisions

Helping people to take charge of finances & make informed decisions

Bulk Payments

Bank integrations created with Open API batch payments allow businesses to easily make payments.

  • Safe & secure

  • Cost effective & flexible system

  • Easy to configure and scale payments

Agri Funding Advantage

Add an ideal credit solution for farmers and their workers.


Fully customizable and scalable across multiple states. Embed lending into your app, setup for loans as small as available in the market and scale debt capital through partners.

Credit Boost

Merchants want credit at better terms.

Corporate Credits

Supercharge your payment solutions with a lending layer and improve retention. Enable early access to funds, Integrates into your existing funds flow

Family Finance

Customers need credit to support their families.

Retail Lending

Make instant credit an option within the transfer flow. Make Unsecured loans available, Compliance APIs, Decisions built into the transfer flow.

Payment Supercharge

Buyers want credit at better terms.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

Supercharge your payment solutions with a lending layer and improve retention. Split purchases to multiple payments

Lending integration

Extend your cardholder’ spending budgets.

Charge & credit cards

They want via an open line of credit, increasing interchange revenue and also potentially gaining interest. Integrate with both debit and credit BIN ranges on Visa and Mastercard, all card issuing platforms, including Stripe and Paypal

Payroll Loans

Allow employees to get early access.

To unearned wages for short term needs direct within their payroll app. APIs can integrate to any open payroll provider. Funds flow can deduct from user’s bank account or from payroll directly


Should never have to worry about slowed down.

By the credit infrastructure and compliance requirements. resources including credit policy templates. API-driven, developer centric approach enables companies to launch and scale credit products with their existing stack.

Integrated Real Estate

Real estate financing, real estate ownership, property purchase.

Real Estate

Buy land/property from anywhere in the world. Backend API that may be used: search land department API, use credit scoring API, Apply for Loan API, Identify Verification, Purchase, Real Estate Ownership, etc.


Improve merchant value proposition.


By offering them loans through your platform. Enable multiple product types, Fund instantly using partner integrations, Commercial loans.

Restaurant, Food & Beverage

Enable capital solutions to build affinity with restaurants.

Food & Beverage

Become their cash flow management partner for the long term. Preapprove applications + fund quickly, Setup flexible repayments, Ledger + Accounting, etc

Healthcare & Life

Healthcare and life sciences.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Give patients an alternative way to pay for procedures. A built-in lending experience that can be enabled at point of sale. Split medical bills into smaller payments.

Retail & Travel

Healthcare and life sciences.

Retail & Travel

  • Lifestyle goals

  • Personalized discounts

  • Behavior driven rewards

  • Carbon footprint tracker using Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings

  • Switch utility services

  • Customized travel solutions

  • Subscription management

  • Rental management

  • Public benefit schemes

  • Health care financing

  • Conversational banking (how quickly can I buy a car)

  • Consumer needs (Pay, Save, Borrow, Manage Risks, Get Advice)

  • Cars Petrol stations & taxis

  • Management of Cashback (bonus points, miles, etc)

  • Car Parking automated payments

  • Deferred credit schemes

Network Performance

Enabling real-time monitoring and management of network or system performance

IT & Telecom

  • P2P services

  • Experience APIs

  • Analytics as a Service

  • Biometrics

  • Crypto exchange

  • Crypto payments

  • Data access players

  • Data processors

  • Data presentations players

  • Marketing

Transportation & Logistics

Offer business loans or lines of credit to trucking businesses.

Transportation & Logistics

Those who use card products. Improve retention and earn interest revenue. With all card issuing platforms (licenses+ Ledger + Accounting) etc with one integration.

Ability to generate new revenues

Tamper Resistant Logging & Audit Control

These APIs can be used to create innovative products and services which will ultimately drive new revenue streams, increase customer engagement and retention, reduce churn and transaction costs, simplify compliance requirements and improve overall business agility.

  • OAuth 2.0 authorization standard

  • API driven infrastructure and elastic & scalable environment

  • Near-instant access to data

We help reduce fraud and promote security by integrating our services into your business. We provide immediate insight into your financial transactions and improve the ability to track spending.use an