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Open, Simple, and Secure

Delivers faster access to petabytes of secure & trusted datasets of structured & unstructured data.

Fast Adoption at Scale

Out-of-the-box workbench & notebooks for data scientists, data engineers, data analysts & administrators.

Near Zero Administration

Automates installation, configuration & maintenance of multiple open source engines, and tools.

Reduce Cost by 50%

Workload-aware autoscaling and real-time spot buying drive down compute costs dramatically.

Unlock the power of real-time data

Build friction-less, real-time, personalized products 

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Machine Learning

Innovate, differentiate, and modernize your platform with data science and machine learning.

Streaming Analytics

Build streaming data pipelines to capture the benefits of real time data for ML and ad-hoc analytics.

Ad-hoc Analytics

Higher productivity, faster time to value and scale to support a larger number of concurrent users.

Data Engineering

Efficiently manage data pipelines with the flexibility of preferred data processing frameworks.

Data Fabric

A tooling ecosystem to optimize the functions of data architecture, data governance, & data analytics.

Built with Security-First Architecture

Battle tested, security-first architecture secured through multiple layers secured through multiple layers 

Think API-as-a-Product

By-pass legacy & spaghetti systems and become open API compliant quickly

Take next major leap of the API economy, adapt & deploy faster

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis offers powerful business intelligence to enhance the customer experience, revitalize a brand, and gain competitive advantage. The key to successful sentiment analysis lies in the ability to mine multi-structured data pulled from a variety of sources into a single database. 

360-Degree Customer View

A 360-degree customer view offers a deeper understanding of customer behavior and motivations. Obtaining a 360-degree customer review requires analysis of data from sources like social media, data-collecting sensors, and mobile devices. From there, more effective micro-segmentation and real-time marketing often result.

Adhoc Analysis

Ad-hoc analysis only looks at the data requested or needed, providing another layer of analysis for data sets that are becoming larger and more varied. Big data ad-hoc analytics can help in the effort to gain greater insight into customers by analyzing the relevant data from unstructured sources, both external and internal.

Real-time Analytics

Systems that offer real-time analytics quickly decipher and analyze data sets, providing results even as data is being generated and collected. This high-velocity method of analytics can lead to instant reaction and changes, allowing for better sentiment analysis, split testing, and improved targeted marketing.

Multi-channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing creates a seamless experiences across different types of media like company websites, social media, and physical stores. Successful multi-channel marketing requires an integrated big data approach during all stages of the buying process.

Customer Micro-segmentation

Customer micro-segmentation provides more tailored and targeted messaging for smaller groups. This personalized approach requires analysis of large sets of data collected through customers’ online interactions, social media, and other sources.

Ad Fraud Detection

Ad fraud detection requires data analysis of current fraud strategies by recognizing patterns and behaviors. Data that shows abnormalities of group behavior make it so ad fraud is detected early and stopped before it is spread.

Click Analysis

Click analysis helps to improve the user experience by analyzing customer behavior, optimizing company websites, and offering better insight into customer segments. With big data, click analysis helps to personalize the buying experience, getting an improved return on customer visits.

Solve legal and administrative doubts

Solve legal and administrative doubts and questions of the users by collecting and improving thousands of public information websites.

Connect users with professionals in each legal field, so that they can answer their questions and offer them their services

Industry: Justice, Legal & Public Safety

Help farmers better price their crops

Create data that allows farmers to receive accurate, real-time crop-price information.

Help farmers make informed decisions on how to price produce, and where to sell for the largest profit. 

Industry: Agriculture

Data types: Commodity prices, environmental data, weather data