BankableAPI connects banks and third parties quickly

Easily Decouple Infrastructure & Rapidly Open APIs

✅ Get to Market Quickly and Enable All Non-Finance Players

micro-services based open api standardized framework


  • Legacy & Spaghetti Infrastructure & Systems

  • Save Cost and Time to Market

  • Open Banking is Complex

  • Security Threat, Trust Issues, Customer Base

  • Demand for Embedded Financial Products within services & products in the market

  • Standardization


  • Right Partner for a Winning API Strategy

  • Become Open Banking Compliant quickly

  • Plug-n-Play and Open API's rapidly

  • Enable FinTech and Third Parties to embed financial products in their offerings

  • Generate New Revenue Stream

  • Contain and expand customer-base


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How does BankableAPI work?

Use Case: Virtual Account as a Service

Virtual accounts are bank accounts that have no physical existence, are temporary, and transact on behalf of a real, physical account. Makes it easy to trace the funds coming through it and helps to identify the source or the payer.


Neobanks process large transaction volumes each day, which means they need a clear system that efficiently delineates account & amounts within their platform. Also its difficult and time-consuming to obtain federal bank license.


With Bankableapi, banks can provide virtual accounts as a service to third party Neo Banks and Go To Market fast by enabling them to open/close accounts faster, dynamically attribute payments and improve reconciliation, decrease the number of outstanding bank accounts and their overhead costs.